The big sister of our pack, Pearl is a DNA verified F1 Pomsky; Sable husky markings, Blue eyes and gorgeous 'Glasses' face markings.

Pearl is BVA Hip and Elbow scored and BVA eye tested in accordance with the Kennel club guidelines, as well as routinely vet checked and upto date with all boosters and rabies injections.



Skye is a DNA verified F1 Pomsky, and is a total ball addict! Skye loves to play fetch and often gets stopped for cuddles by people admiring her gorgeous Parti-eyes but you'll have to catch her first!

Skye is BVA hip and elbow scored and BVA eye tested all passed with flying colours ready to be a future pack mummy.



Our mini wolf, Cookie is a DNA verified F2 and is the bounciest member of our pack by far. Cookie is BVA tested for Hips and Elbows and eyes.

Cookie is a little stunner and everyone falls in love with her, another potential member of our breeding pack in the future.









The Stud of the pack, also known as Casanova. Nova is a DNA verified 50% husky 50% American Eskimo. Eskimo is one of the other lines commonly used in America in order to stabilise the breed and gives Nova his lovely fluffy coat. So is the perfect addition to our breeding pack. Nova is also genetically clear of 160 diseases.

Nova is fully BVA tested for Hips and Elbows. Gonioscopy and eyes with excellent scoring all round