Our Pomsky puppies typically are priced from £2000 - £2500 based on Conformation, Colour, Coat and Eye colour.

Pomskies with Husky conformation and/or markings will be priced higher, Pomskies more similar to Pomeranian in conformation will be priced lower. 

These prices are based on collection within the UK and on a pet only spay/neuter contract.




Of course, obviously we cannot guarantee colours etc but if you are on the waiting list and a puppy matches your requirements we will inform you of this. Unlike some other breeders, you can remain on our waiting list indefinitely until you find the perfect puppy for you.


What do i need to do to go on your waiting list?

Please fill in our waiting list contact form, we will then contact you to discuss any queries you may have about the breed and ensure that a Pomsky is the right dog for you. We require all our potential owners to complete a vetting application to learn a little about you and your family and also what you are looking for in your puppy. We then look to arrange a meet and greet whereby you can meet us and some of our dogs in person to learn more about the breed and see if a Pomsky is the right breed for you.

Once both parties are happy, a non refundable holding fee of £200 is to be paid to secure your space on the waiting list. This then gives you the ability to choose a puppy from the available litters based on your position on the waiting list.

We do reserve the right to keep back puppies for our own breeding programme, once we have decided if we will be keeping any puppies we will contact our waiting list to advise which puppies are available and look to begin matching our waiting list with puppies that meet their requirements.

Payment must be made in full by 6 weeks of age otherwise all rights to said puppy and any monies paid will be forfeited.

If we do not have a puppy within that litter that matches your requirements you will remain on the waiting list until we can match you with a puppy.



Your puppy will be ready to leave its mother from 8 weeks old provided we are happy with the puppies progress and final sign off from the vet. In some cases we may feel that certain puppies may benefit from an extra week or so with the Mum which will be ascertained on a case by case basis.


I'm not ready to go on the waiting list yet/i'm not after any specific markings/colours in a puppy, can you keep me informed when your litter arrives?

Of Course, We only breed our litters if there is sufficient interest in the puppies, so even if you are not ready to go on the waiting list yet or you haven't quite decided what you are looking for in a puppy, Please do still contact us and we can keep you updated with pupdates and litter announcements so that when the right time comes for you, you will be one of the first to know about any available puppies or upcoming litters.

We do anticipate that all our puppies will generally be spoken for within the waiting list, however in the event any puppies are for sale outside of this we will first contact people who have been in touch with us already to advise of such.