Welcome to the future in Pomskies


As a small family breeder you can be assured that we have put the time and love into your puppy that you would yourself, as we aim to help develop and watch this fantastic breed grow. 

Here at Prestige Pomskies we are proud to be part of the United Kingdom Pomsky Association (UKPA) and working to develop this amazing cross into an established breed alongside other like-minded UK breeders.



Why Pomskies?


where it all began...

Since being little I had dreamed of owning a Husky, specifically a Bi-eyed with a Black and White coat. However, I had never owned a dog before and due to having young children, I hadn't planned for adding a puppy into the family. Until, my Husband declared that he wanted a dog. 

I was firmly set to my dreams and stressed that I wanted a Husky, but due to the children being so small and the commitment to the level of exercise needed for that breed, we realised that a husky wouldn't be right for our family at that point. Thus, we began researching similar dogs and stumbled across Pomskies.

Once we had looked into Pomskies and spent several months researching them and looking into breeders, we realised that breeders in and around the UK were very limited and that the vast majority were based in the USA. We took the plunge after contacting several breeders and that is how our beautiful pack came to be.

Fast forward 18 months down the line and with another 3 puppies added into our little pack we decided to start Prestige Pomskies, with the aim of bringing this beautiful, loyal and friendly breed into more peoples lives.